Waterproof and Fire-Safe HDD Case for Ultimate Data Safety

If you are working with important information, it is obvious that you want it to remain intact. There are many accidents, which may result data loss; such as electricity cuts, accidental deletion, drive failure or external factors. The latter can be most disastrous, because in first two cases you have a chance to restore information as opposed to situations, when your HDD had gone down in flames or sunk. If you are worried only about that kind of situations, fatal to your information, then this ultra protected HDD case can be a good choice.

SentrySafe FIRE-SAFE/Waterproof case was designed by such geeky persons in mind. Sentry and Maxtor teamed up and created a tank-like safe that can sustain temperatures of up to 1500 F (815 C) for nearly 30 minutes – which is amazing. This HDD safe cames with OneTouch 4 Mini drive, with a plenty of backup/restore software. Drive is fully functional when in case, with an external USB cable that lets you connect it to your PC without removing it from its shell.

It is a pity that this drives are not RAID, so you are not secured from good old drive failures. This ultimate drive protection gadget will cost you 320 dollars for 160 GB version, and 260 for 80 GB. A bit high price, but doesn't the lost information cost higher?